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Hellraiser Collection
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Hellraiser Collection

The premise of the original movie is that a parallel world, which for all practical purposes may be described as Hell, exists along with our own Earth. It is populated by a number of frightening beings, including most significantly a group called Cenobites. The Cenobites* seem to exist for the sole purpose of torturing human beings to death in the most bizarre and horrific ways imaginable. The movie begins with Frank, a man who is obsessed with sado-masochism, solving a strange puzzle-box whose pieces move about somewhat in the manner of a Rubik's Cube. Unlike Rubik's, solving this cube opens the portals to Hell. All the sequels follow the same premise and with many of the same characters.

The original work of DVD ripping etc here is not my own, however, I couldn't find any one single torrent which contained all 10 existing Hellraiser movies in good formats. All these are Bluray quality, and I believe all originated with RARBG


Sorry folks, ONCE AGAIN, Seagate let me down in spectacular fashion. Am currently rebuilding this collection, if you've been waiting there is already more material up so turn on your torrentizer, and the whole thing should be back up and running in a couple of hours, lets say by 11:59 8/7/18. will keep you posted on success
UPDATE -- well, the last one, H/9, didn't want to complete, so I rebuilt the collection with a new #9. Please look for that one to finish downloading your collection, dated 8/8/18. All the other files are identical so anything you already have should migrate right over.

I'll leave this up for another week or so, then pull it down.
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