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Starpilot - Too Much EP (2011)
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starpilot chiptune 8bit 8-bit electronic techno electro idm noise canada canadian chip chipmusic noise experimental psychedelic melodic

2011-04-03 16:13:08 GMT


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Too Much can be a good way to describe many things. What is Starpilot talking about? No one is ever sure. Just listen to this 7 track album of distinctive and frenetic mind-melting gameboy tunes and maybe, just maybe, you\'ll understand.


#1 - this is not a band, maybe you should actually listen and find out, idiots....

#2 - you are just white trash nazi rascists....go back to the hole/trailer park you crawled out of....
lol....i have a quite a few fans never listened to my music....AND....why the fuck would you advertise your album on my torrent while at the same time demeaning it? i can't quite wrap my head around that one....but, i tend to be the type of person who finds holes in the logic of morons.
#1 i'm not asian #2 you really shouldn't troll like that, it isn't gonna get you anywhere.
#3 they aren't sampled loops. maybe you should do your research. all these songs were programmed on a nintendo gameboy using tracking software. ever heard of tracking software? i think not. ever heard of chiptune? doubt it. And what do you know about songwriting? obviously not very much. you should really do your research before you start fucking with people who are smarter than you.
starpilotstarpilot anti virus went nuts and your music sucks.
fuck off....changing your login name doesn't change the fact that you're a useless troll....the internet's full of people like you....leave my torrents alone....there are no viruses in do you put a virus into an mp3 file anyway?
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